Clark’s Companion Dog Training LLC

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  • 161 Toas St, Shelton, CT 06484
  • Contact Person: Lee Clark
  • Business Hours: Mon - Sat - 7.00AM - 8.00PM, Sun - 7.00AM - 5.00PM
  • Company Telephone: +1 (203) 941-8929

Website Clark's Companion Dog Training LLC

Clark's Companion Dog Training LLC

At Clark’s Companion Dog Training LLC, we believe that all dogs have the capacity to learn and be obedient . Whether you want your dog to be more responsive to commands, or if you simply want to work on basic obedience skills, our expert trainer will work with you and your dog to help them grow and develop into happy, confident pets. We offer a range of classes and programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of you and your dog, no matter what stage they’re in. Call us today!

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